Soledad - Ground Operations Specialist - Perú

I am passionate about Perú, more than a decade ago I started to work in the tourism industry, to make known its beautiful landscapes, culture, gastronomy and its warm people. I am pleased to work in a company that provides unique and sustainable experiences.

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Jose - Ground Operations Specialist - Bolivia and Chile

I´m Bolivian and I have a degree in tourism. My two greatest passions are sports (especially soccer, which I also play) and traveling. I decided to work in tourism because ever since I was a child I have enjoyed discovering the different cultures, sceneries and ways of life within my Country. Now with live DMC I have the opportunity to share the hidden secrets South America has to offer the rest of the world.

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Tom - Business Development Manager- Ecuador

Tom is a nature lover and thinks that Ecuador is the most incredible place on Earth. He loves to show the reason why he think so to our guests. He is keen on investigating new Lodges and Hotels and even better if they can show that sustainability is in their DNA. He is convinced that sustainable tourism could contribute a lot more to develop a country than it does in our days.

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Pablo - Ground Operations Specialist - Bolivia and Chile

I´m passionate about tourism and that is why I´m always on the lookout for the best offers to allow our clients to get to know South America in general and my beautiful Bolivia. I'm constantly traveling in search of new adventures and destinations to share with our visitors. I'm committed to showing the real live culture that distinguishes our continent from the rest and Live DMC is the door that will allow me to share the magical wealth of my country with the rest of the world.


Karol - Business Development Manager - Perú

I was born in Peru. My passion for traveling and meeting new people took me to enjoy my time in different parts of the world, what has motivated me to work and specialize myself in tourism, this gives me the opportunity to learn and know how is this working from the inside. Peru is one of the favourite destinations in South America, it’s magical, full of beautiful landscapes and offers wide diversity.


Cristina - Ground Operations Specialist - Ecuador

I am a proud Ecuadorian, and the fact of coming to this megadiverse country and to get to know it fully has inspired me to make of Tourism my passion and therefore, my profession. Working in Tourism has been greatly satisfying as it is one of the most sustainable activities that offers unique experiences to worldwide travelers. Through Live DMC I will contribute from my personal and professional experience to that our clients take the best memories of this colorful country Ecuador.


Criss - FIT Operations Specialist - Ecuador

I’m proudly Ecuadorian, commercial engineer, and I have the blessing of being mother of two amazing sons. I’m passionate about traveling, I love soccer, and I really enjoy reading. I work in tourism since 2010. Ecuador is really beautiful, is the perfect country to discover the diversity of cultures, landscapes, flora, fauna, gastronomy and wildlife of a small part of South America. I love being able to offer the world, the wonders that can be found in every corner of my wonderful country. I work day to day with the purpose, that our customers can be happy and satisfied with the products and quality we offer. For this and more I invite you to enjoy the best and unforgettable experiences in Ecuador and South America through Live DMC.


Kristin - Incoming Intern - Perú

I am a german, currently working for our Incoming Office in Peru. When I am not in Germany to finish my degree in tourism, I consider the world as my home. I am a passionate traveler and love to encounter new ways of life and cultures. I lived in the United States for a while. Then moved 600 km away from my hometown in Germany and have the pleasure to call the beautiful city of Cusco my home for the next six months.

Ruth - Ground Operations Specialist - Perú

My name is Ruth and I´m peruvian; I got a degree in tourism and management, I'm really passionate about sustainable tourism, and I am aware that tourism industry not only give a rewarding experience tourists, but also contribute with the development of local communities, which thanks to this industry can have a different and positive vision about their future, being conscious about the beneficial impact that tourism has and the commitment that Live DMC has with it, I contribute with the process with effort, energy and happiness.

Rosa - Ground Operations Specialist - Perú