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Inca Trail 2 and 5 days


It is one of the most spectacular experiences of a lifetime, full of beautiful contrasting landscapes. From snowcapped mountains to tropical jungle, this trek offer visitors a peaceful opportunity to interact with their environment.

A journey which often allows people to meditate about the intellectual and spiritual complexity of Andean men, who´s greatest achievement was the Inca Civilization.

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Salkantay trek


This Incredible Trek passes underneath the famous Salkantay Mountain (20574 Ft), one of the highest and most impressive mountains in the Peruvian Andes.

It offers visitors inspiring scenery throughout the entire trek, passing by snow capped mountains, lakes, lagoons and waterfalls. Also allowing people to interact with local animals.

Salkantay was recently named one of the top 25 treks in the world by National Geographic Adventure Travel magazine.

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Lares Trek


Lares is a beautiful place where one can enjoy scenic lagoons, bathe natural thermal baths and walk among Inka remains. Because it such a remote area, it has enabled locals to preserve the weaving traditions using llama and alpaca wool and preserving hand knitting techniques.

This trek doesn’t just allow you to interact with nature, it also allows to experience the everyday life and customs of indigenous locals.

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Choquequirao is an impressive archeological site, formed by a large citadel immersed in mountains of vast vegetation.

This is one of the most complete treks in the region. Throughout the journey you can appreciate very different animals, from wild hummingbirds to Condores which fly at over 5000 meters. During the walk one can enjoy a variety of sceneries, including the Apurimac River Canyon, cloud forests, deep valleys and the Andes.

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A trek full of both beauty and adrenaline. It takes visitors on a journey across the Vilcanota Mountain Range and through several mountain passes, colorful lagoons, and picturesque towns.

Without a doubt this trek offers some of the most wonderful views in the Cusco Region, including diverse birds and wildlife.

Walking through these beautiful mountains is an indescribable adventure. An unforgettable experience that connects us with Andean nature.

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